Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good News for Mommy!

Happy Bowl Games Day Everybody!  I hope your team wins and their team loses.  I'm sorry this blog is being posted so late in the day but I didn't wake up until about 1 this afternoon.  There has been a really good development with Wendy that I wanted to share.  Since about 15 minutes after the delivery Wendy has been on an IV supply of magnesium to prevent seizures that can result from having high blood pressure.  Although the magnesium is hugely beneficial it does make you feel pretty yucky and out of it.  And it's because of this that yesterday was such a difficult day.  At 3:15 this morning the doctor ordered that the magnesium be taken out of her IV.  Within an hour she was more alert and lucid.  She is feeling much better now and has been sleeping soundly most of the day.  She is ready to see her girls and hopefully that can happen later today. 

The girls continue to do well.  Genevieve has been particularly responsive and she was moved to an incubator this morning (which is a good thing).  Sophia is also doing very well but she gained a little bit of water weight so they backed her IV off just a little bit.  They also gave her a little more air pressure assistance but they both are still breathing room air and breathing on their own.

I have been wanting to take a few more pictures but they have started to spend a lot of time on their stomachs so I'm waiting for an opportune moment when they are positioned more photogenically.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers and love.

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  1. Great news about Wendy! I am glad to hear that the girls are breathing on their own. I think it's the Martinez's blood in them, helping them fight! Praise the Lord, I know that the good Lord is looking out for all if you!