Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

For all of you not living here in the Nashville area we had quite the blizzard overnight.  Check my Facebook for a video of our backyard.  Once our car was finally free we went up to the hospital to see our girls.  They have now been promoted for a THIRD time and have their own room in the non-critical care nursery just for the two of them.  Pretty cozy.  They are at the point now where they will soon be losing many of their vital monitors and once they reach a certain weight (which I can't recall right now) they will be moved to regular cribs.  It baffles me how much they have progressed in a week and a half.  Not just clinically but in all aspects.  They already are showing personality.  The nurses all say that Genevieve is one of the scrappiest babies they've seen in a while and that Sophia is a joy because of how easy she is to work with.  Their eyes open for much longer periods of time and it's so much fun to watch them look around.  Wendy and I love our visits to the NICU, and although we are anxious to get them home, we are enjoying this special time in our lives.  These pictures were taken today, the first time we held both of them at once.


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