Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

WHAT'S THIS?!  A BLOG POST?!  You got it!  And though this one is long over due, it is a special one.  Wendy and I are currently "Rooming In" in the NICU with the girls.  We are basically spending the night with the girls in a room for just the four of us.  We manage all their care and we only call in a nurse if we need them.  We are doing this because...


As long as everything goes well tonight, we will be discharged in the morning and our family will all be under one roof.  We are so excited and very ready.  The NICU has taken amazing care of our girls and we are eternally grateful for that but we are done with driving from Franklin to Nashville everyday, and we are done with beeping monitors, and we are done with going home without our girls every night.  Pray for us as we start yet another new chapter with our little ones.  Having them home will present it's own challenges, I'm sure.  But it will also be wonderful.  Pics to follow!  Please keep checking in!

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